Events hold infinite potential

For hosts especially, these few hours can be among the most important and memorable hours of their lives. For those in attendance, it can be a dreamscape they remember for years to come. The ability to take the scattered thoughts that live only in someone’s head and transform them into something you can see, hear, taste, and touch is nothing short of pure magic.

We have built a reputation of exceptional service and extraordinary design over the course of thousands of successful events. We’re more than an event management company, we’re a trusted partner and a wellspring of creativity you can rely on to make your event unforgettable.

A History of Celebrating in Style

World renowned companies and A-list celebrities have worked with John Tobey Events. The services you’ll receive go far beyond those of the standard event planner.

For two decades, John Tobey Events has operated under the simple assumption that great events require a remarkable dedication to service—planning and anticipating every detail—and an eye for design that is bold, always looking for new ideas.

However, simplicity does not mean easy. Like staying at an elegant boutique hotel or dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant, the particular kind of effortlessness you experience at a meticulously-crafted event belies the actual effort and experience needed to make it happen.

Your event means everything to us, and we promise to deliver an exceptional experience.

Share your vision. We’ll show you that it’s not just a dream.

When we meet, you’ll discover that, while we encourage you to think big, we focus on making it feel effortless.

Let's Connect
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Good Events Incorporate Trends. Great Events Set Them.

Built on a reputation for meticulously executing creative visions, our elite team of experts love to innovate, discovering and pushing forward ideas that won’t go mainstream for years.

We believe service is the bedrock on which everything else is built. Our culture is designed to deliver impeccable, timeless service.


Thousands of Successful Events. You Can Trust That Yours Is In Capable Hands.

Your needs are attended to before you ask. We gracefully anticipate and extinguish unwanted surprises. We’re built upon decades of experience and with experience comes the intuition to see and take care of the details. Over time, this heightened attention to detail became a reputation, and a global luxury brand was built.

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This Caliber of Service Never Goes Out of Style.

This is our founding principle, and it’s so much more than being polite. Service is action, and few pull it off at this level. From our first meeting until your event wraps, you’ll have nothing to worry about.


Those Who Expect The Best Demand A Team They Can Rely On.

Events bring a swirl of activity, a rush of emotions but working with John Tobey Events instills a sense of calm. Coordinating an event takes many hands and you want someone who has a pulse on all the details, a single point of contact you know you can rely on.


We Cherish The Opportunity To Be Part of Something Greater Than Ourselves.

We are committed to giving back to philanthropic organizations, to making a difference. A lifelong Coloradan, John has given his time and talent to numerous philanthropic organizations.

John Tobey Gives back to the community
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Nurturing Events That Transcend and Stay With You Forever.

You expect the best, and that’s what we deliver. You become our priority, whatever it takes. We share your goal; we are fully invested in the outcome you desire. To produce events at this level requires persistence, exceeding all expectations.