Look good in the spotlight

Fashion as an artform is constantly reinventing itself. New ideas emerge and overtake every year, every season. It’s exhilarating.

An event properly curated can elevate the fashion displayed on stage, allowing your vision to break through. At John Tobey Events, we love pushing the boundaries of design, identifying ideas before they become trends, looking for ways to blend the best in contemporary design, entertainment, and hospitality. In fashion events you want something new, something no one else has seen yet. So do we.

Fashion Show Ready

A Visual Feast

It’s the total picture. Fashion is at the center, but context lends a powerful supporting role. A sumptuous setting—lighting, stage, music, mood—augments themes you wish to highlight, details you wish to draw out.

We’re all about details at John Tobey Events. We’ll search for the perfect flourishes, carefully assembling an event worthy of the experience you have in mind. Our commitment to your event’s success means that you’ll receive premium level service every step of the way.

Set the mood

We care about the entire experience. Long before the lights dim, we’ll work to make sure your guests are prepared to be amazed.

Bringing it all together

We’ll handle the logistics—music, food, valet, lighting, seating, and more—so you can reserve your focus for the main event.

Let’s Get Started

You might already have a vision for what you want. Or, you might not know where to start. Either way, the process starts the same way — with a conversation. We want to hear why you’re celebrating!

Let's Talk
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