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We are Professional

With decades of experience as event organizers, we’ve hosted events of all sizes in every location imaginable, we know what it takes to deliver quality to discerning clientele.

We are Polished

What does it mean to curate perfect, personal events? Choosing the right detail, every time. We pay attention to the small things that make a big difference. The end result is a celebration that feels like a work of art.

We are Poised

If events were an artform, perhaps they’d be a dance. Certainly not a sculpture or painting. The heart of an unforgettable event is fueled by people, by motion, by a swirl of activity. It’s performance art in which everyone plays a part. The staff of John Tobey Events are directors, sensitive to the tempo of the moment, a keen sense of when to push forward and when to pull back, a graceful touch that smooths over anything unexpected. We instill a sense of calm and control, a feeling of confidence.


John Tobey

Since 2000, John Tobey has developed a reputation of curating extraordinary experiences, applying his boundless creativity and impeccable sense of style to weddings, social events, corporate, non profit galas, and more.

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John Tobey - Founder & Professional Event Organizer

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