'The Inventing Room' Graduation Party

Congratulations Graland 2023 Graduates!

Students who attend Graland are the kind of forward thinkers who can go anywhere and do anything which inspired ‘The Inventing Room’ as the theme.

A large tent with clear walls featured a black and white dance floor as the centerpieces. A massive mirrored backdrop with green and white balloons created an eye-catching photo station. Large balloon pillars were featured around the perimeter walls, cocktails tables draped in floor length rich green linens offered seating and were enhanced with stunning white roses, orchids and greenery arrangements.

The ‘The Inventing Room’ beverage station offered; Root Beer Floats and Strawberry Slushy’s with Exploding Whipped Cream, as well as, Apple and Blackberry Sodas with Raspberry Ice Cubes which definitely were a hit for the graduates.

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