Where Action Matters 2024 Western Casino Night at The Seawell Ballroom was a huge success!

Guests gathered for a festive western evening to honor the strength and resilience of the community.

Upon entering, attendees were immediately immersed into a lively western casino filled with music, laughter, and fun.

The main stage was the evening’s focal point and embellished with floor-to-ceiling drapery and eye-catching gobo imagery.

Guest dined at tables highlighted with bandanas, lucky horseshoes and colorful wildflower arrangements.

There was something for everyone this evening including plenty of Blackjack and Roulette tables for those feeling that Lady Luck was on their side. For those brave and adventurous cowboys and cowgirls, a mechanical bull dared the partygoers to try their luck. And for many, mingling and laughing while having their photos taken at the Saloon and participating in the evening’s Trivial games provided the perfect entertainment.

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