Luxurious Celebrations - Hanging Florals - Newberry Brothers

Small is the NEW Big

This year is all about innovative space and event planning, creativity, micro-weddings, virtual celebrations, and designing memorable experiences in unique indoor and outdoor spaces.

Even with a smaller guest count, we continue to embrace the look of sophisticated draping and stunning floral designs creating a classic, yet timeliness element, for a luxurious gathering.

These small scale events feel naturally cozy taking your intimate celebration to the next level. At John Tobey Events, we pride ourselves on ensuring the right design elements and finishing touches are in place, leaving guests awe-inspired.

Transformational Design

When you’re looking for a total room transformation and an expert team to make your dream vision a reality, we recommend LMD Productions (check out LMD Productions on Instagram). With decades of proven experience transforming any space with the use of fabric, textures, furniture and lighting, LMD Productions has mastered the art of design that is uniquely yours.

“Creating custom event design is our passion,” said owner Rodd Metcalf. “Whether indoor or outdoor, we love taking a blank palette and creating a space that will leave our clients breathless.”

Luxurious Celebrations - Hanging Textures - LMD Productions
Luxurious Celebrations - Fabrics - LMD Productions

Innovative Designs. Unique Times.

Here at John Tobey Events, our clients expect luxurious floral and design for their special occasions and to assist us in creating a magnificent result, we partner with designer extraordinaire, Paula Newberry, Newberry Brothers and her mega-talented team, to lend their keen eye on all things beautiful. Newberry Brothers is known for their customized designs that compliment their clients vision, while setting them apart with special touches and memorable experiences.

“We are loving the impact fabricated structures are having on transforming spaces. Hanging installations, grand elaborate arches and Chuppahs, custom backdrops, and sophisticated draping all bringing design elegance and warmth to large ballrooms and warehouse spaces, making them feel more intimate and distinctive.” said Paula.

Luxurious Celebrations - Pool Party Florals - Newberry Brothers
Luxurious Celebrations - Table Florals - Newberry Brothers