Hybrid Event Space

As public health restrictions ease and in-person events make their return, a new type of event is emerging: hybrid.

At John Tobey Events, we are fully embracing the new norm and are enthusiastic about the myriad of unconventional ideas and unparalleled creativity designed to be engaging and entertaining for your guests, whether in-person or from the comfort of your own home.

Some of our favorite hybrid events


Annual galas shifted to the virtual sphere this past year allowing supporters an opportunity to invite a few guests, dress up and share a deliciously catered meal while contributing to their favorite nonprofit. Moving into the hybrid arena allows guests to experience these traditional high-end events in-person or from the comfort of their own home. It truly is the best of both worlds.

Fundraising Gala

Virtual Cooking Night

Partnering with local businesses for a virtual cooking night has never been more important and entertaining. Guests may choose to attend the event in-person and experience the Chefs on stage or can enjoy from home.

Golf Tournament

Hybrid golf tournaments aren’t held on Zoom, nor do they require you to set up a putt-putt course in your living room. Instead, these tournaments occur when you set up your tournament over the course of several days and allow attendees the opportunity to golf at their convenience. How fun is that?

Product Fundraising

We love this fundraising idea as it allows your organization to brand certain merchandise items and sell them to your community. A fantastic fundraising strategy as it provides an incentive for contributions, diversifies fundraising opportunities, and pro-motes brand awareness as supporters sport your mech.

Benefits of Hybrid Events

Hybrid events reach a wider audience both near and far

Guests have more autonomy to choose how to participate and where. Sponsors have a wider reach. It is a win-win for all parties involved.

Hybrid Event - Live Event Filming

Ready to plan your hybrid fundraising event? Let’s get started!