Wine Glasses - Corporate Summer Celebration

While organizing an exquisite excursion or a posh picnic, planning a company-wide event is a way to gather your colleagues to connect, celebrate and share camaraderie outside the firm. This summer let’s boost your company culture and foster your relationships while throwing the fête champêtre of the year!

Location, Location, Location

At John Tobey Events our motto is, “Why go for the typical when you can make it luxurious?” It’s summer which means an ideal corporate celebration may include a private beach, a mountain get-away at a 5-star resort or perhaps a sailboat excursion, all delivered with your comfort in mind.

Motif and Concept

Your summer celebration deserves a theme woven throughout every detail. From the invitation to the floral displays, unique entertainment, nibbles, libations, craft cocktails, and much more, as an event management company, we ensure no detail will be overlooked.

Whether you are aiming for…

  • “cute” (photo booths, petting zoo)
  • “traditional” (team competitions and relays)
  • “family-friendly” or;
  • “posh” (string quartet, pas de deux or even the whole symphony)

We’ll ensure your guests are engaged and having a blast.

We aren’t just planning an event; we are infusing sophisticated design and service you can count on based on our tradition of service.

Whether your corporate gathering is small or large, we listen to your needs, understanding your business and then going to work to realize your objectives.

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