When one thinks of autumn, images of the changing season with breathtaking colors capture the mind and smells of pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon invite us to continue that transition into cooler weather. In Colorado, the recent trend to go “leaf peeping” draws many to adventure into the high country to get a glimpse of mountain sides covered in rich golds, oranges, and reds. Much like the changing of the seasons, when change is inevitable and new trends emerge in nature, so too has the event industry changed through the pandemic with many trends looking to set the stage for years to come.

With the often quickly evolving and changing landscape of the pandemic, the event world has been redefined over the last year and a half, particularly with respect to the use of technology and the need for adaptability. As we enter into the fall season, some of the top new trends that John Tobey Events (JTE) anticipates will be here to stay include the following:

1. Hybrid Events: Inclusivity for in-person and virtual attendees

Using technology to create an inclusive event for both in-person and virtual attendees provides the ability to host larger events that enable one to reach wider geographical audiences. Some fun ways to engage on-line attendees with in-person attendees could include:

Event Care Package - Event Trends
Event Care Package
BeldisegnoShop" data-lbox="ilightbox_single-2551" data-options="width:1000,height:667,thumbnail: 'https://www.johntobeyevents.com/wp-content/uploads/2-WeddingBackdrop2-300x200.webp'">Custom Wedding Backdrop
Custom Wedding Backdrop - BeldisegnoShop
  • Sending a pre-event care package.
    From party favors to décor to food and drink, the possibilities are endless.
  • Developing custom backgrounds for the virtual event attendees.
    Unique virtual background options can serve to set the mood/tone for your hybrid event.
  • Playing games before, during, and after the event.
    By incorporating technology, interactive games can be used to bring in-person and virtual attendees together. Games can be used to get attendees excited for an event, engaged during an event, and to provide a wrap-up following an event.
  • Creating conversation opportunities.
    Virtual breakout rooms are another avenue that provide guests a more casual setting to “catch-up” as well with family and friends.
  • Using video capabilities to transition virtual participants between live event spaces.
    As on-site guests transition to different spaces during an event, videos and photo montages are a great way to include and entertain virtual guests during these physical transition times.

2. Micro Events: Intimate and Impactful

In looking to the future, micro events are on the rise and are anticipated to begin incorporating more virtual components to the event. The attendee experience is uniquely enhanced with the opportunity for a more meaningful and engaging interaction in these small group settings.

Micro Wedding in Puerto Rico by John Tobey Events
Micro Wedding in Puerto Rico
Smart Phone Apps for Event Safety
Smart Phone Apps for Event Safety
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Touchless Kiosk - ImageHolders

Destination Spotlight

Puerto Rico Wedding - Beach and Blush

Ritz-Carlton Reserve Puerto Rico Wedding

With Beach and Blush, this micro wedding played off the beautiful scenery that paralleled the beautiful celebration and story. The important and intimate moments of our life deserve the love made of fairytales.

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