The Art of Philanthropy: Charity Event Planning

At John Tobey Events we understand the art of designing and planning a charity event in which guests are inspired to learn about a cause; develop a passion for and ultimately support the organization. We embrace the delicate dance involved in creating a classic, memorable and successful event.

Elevating Your Charity Event

Fundraising events play an integral role for most nonprofits and provide an opportunity to share their message, build support, extend appreciation, and fundraise. At John Tobey Events as nonprofit event planner, our process always begins by understanding what you hope to achieve. We do this by helping you tell your story, allowing your vision to break through, all while pushing the boundaries of blending design with entertainment and hospitality.

From venue selection to planning celebrity entertainment, our specialty is creating a customized event for your organization focused on reflecting your values and your vision.

Our promise to you is ensuring every detail is attended to while staying true to your overall goals and objectives.

Lead With Your Mission for Charity Event Planning

While guiding you on creating your vision, John Tobey Events will connect the public with your mission, and make sure you meet your financial goals in the process.

As luxury event planners, we are experts at ensuring your worthy cause remains the focus throughout the evening. In addition to bringing your mission to the forefront, we will always be committed to planning a fun, memorable and successful experience. By seamlessly undertaking all of the details, guests will remain honored to support a notable cause.

John Tobey Events believes your cause deserves a brilliant spotlight and with our meticulous planning, eye for design and knowledge of event trends, your gala will be sure to shine bright!

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