The art of the catwalk - HDSA Fashion Show

The production of a fashion show is an art form in itself. It’s more than the catwalk.

Edginess. Pushing Boundaries. Visual Stimulation. And a Bit of Attitude. And we’re NOT talking about the models, either!

Philanthropy runs deep in the Denver community with fashion shows drawing the ideal crowd. Denver Fashion Week showcases some emerging artists.

While everyone loves the prowl and the catwalk of the models in the season’s newest innovations, few recognize the sheer audacity and art form behind the creation of the show itself.

A fashion show should be unique, memorable and sensational all at the same time. It takes a great deal of thought, planning and time, from initial sketches to seating the spectators, all the way to the roll out of the event and actual calling of the show.

Every fashion show is a massive communication and branding event. While it introduces emerging stylists and new designer labels, it must also maintain consumer interest in the specific fashion houses that are the regional and global pathfinders in new fashion routes.

Fashion's Night Out - Cherry Creek North

The Process: Your Ramp to the Catwalk

Decide the theme and create an atmosphere. The fashion designer starts with the main items of the collection in order to define the theme. The artistic director manages the brand. Establishing an atmosphere and selecting a theme go hand in hand to build the experience. There’s an art to connecting the dots between trends, fabrics, textures, style, music and lighting while staging the ideal atmosphere.

Selecting the venue. Choose a venue that will complement your collection and vision. Always take capacity into consideration. We love the industrial, warehouse look; edgy, raw with that certain high-style vibe and we recommend Exdo Event Center.

It’s imperative to consider internal decor, the position of the catwalk, backstage area, the public area, lighting, sound system and scenography as well as parking facilities and handicap access.

Build a knowledgeable team. It starts with a sales and marketing plan that defines the WHY of the event. It is this plan that informs every subsequent move and every hire. A fashion show requires a backstage manager, show producer, publicist, model coordinator, sponsor and clothing liaison, and sales manager. Next comes a professional audio visual and lighting company, set fabricators, graphic designers, printing house, PR, and social media experts.

Behind-the-scenes. At John Tobey Events we believe backstage is a vital key to the success of the show. It starts with sufficient room – and a plan – for multiple models, hair and makeup and quick changes. This is a conveyor belt of confections and perfection, perfectly timed, in sync, and in rhythm.

Showtime. What began as a blank slate has been transformed into a high-style, energy-filled experience where music and lighting whisk you into a new dimension, filled with intrigue and even suspense.

The transitions are quick, the visuals are impactful, the boundaries have been pushed. A certain kind of finesse and intangible sixth sense helps connect these disparate parts into a mood you can feel.

John Tobey Events has a passion for fashion. We speak the language, or as they say in the finest Parisian fashion houses, “Nous parlons la langue.”